Honor Blackman: Sean Connery is my top Bond

Honor Blackman

Bond girl Honor Blackman says Sir Sean Connery was her ultimate 007!

Coinciding with this year’s 50th anniversary of Goldfinger, Ms. Blackman recently told Express reporter Day and Night that Sean Connery was her ultimate 007, and that Bond’s latest reincarnation Daniel Craig can’t be the true super spy that Ian Fleming intended.

Honor, 88, who starred with the Scot as ‘Pussy galore‘ in the 1964 film ‘Goldfinger‘ said:

Daniel is a terrific actor but I don’t think anyone will be anything like Sean, they’re not allowed to be now…That Bond was suave, good looking. Sean played him perfectly.

You can read the full article here: Honor Blackman: Sean Connery is my top Bond

Honor is currently on a UK tour with her one-woman show – a full list of dates are available on the brilliant ‘From Sweden With Love’ website, Scandinavia’s most comprehensive Ian Fleming / James Bond appreciation site.

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