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Sir Billi is a roller coaster adventure about the race to save the last beaver in Scotland, led by Sir Billi; Vet by profession, skateboarder by passion and grandfather by love!

The film is the creation of Billi Productions Ltd, an independent film company, based in Glasgow, Scotland. Expanded to a feature length CGI film from a 2006 short concept, the heart-warming and hilarious adventure film “Sir Billi” features an all-star cast including Academy Award® winner Sir Sean Connery in his first ever animated voice-over role, and Tony Award® winner Alan Cumming.

Rich with authentic and discreetly embedded humorous details from the Highland village scenes, the creative team also incorporated artwork of Sir Sean Connery’s wife, French artist Micheline Roquebrune, into Sir Billi’s cottage.

We hope you enjoy your visit. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook, and at www.sirbilli.com


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