Chasing the Storm

Tallia Storm

Tallia Storm, AKA Sir Billi‘s Meggan McToff, features in this month’s Slave Magazine!

As well as starring in Sir Billi as Meggan McToff, Tallia is also an accomplished singer and artist, performing 2 tracks on the film Sir Billi, and singing with the legend Sir Elton John.

Slave Magazine reports:

The acclaimed “Tiny Chancer” and protégé of Elton John has provided the soundtrack to London Fashion Week and The Scottish Fashion Awards. As well as stamping her mark on the fashion world she has also dived into a presenting career with TEDxTeen, and has begun making waves in the blogosphere too.

Tallia was discovered by Sir Elton, when a chance encounter presented the opportunity of a lifetime!

Just over a year ago my family and I were on holiday in Hawaii. Dad came up from the restaurant saying “I’ve just seen Elton John, David Furnish and their baby in the lift!“. So me being an Elton John fanatic and diehard fan, became delusional and obsessed with finding Elton in the hotel, for the rest of our stay…

When Tallia then spotted David Furnish eating breakfast she could not believe her luck!

I introduced myself and gave David my demo (I was extremely nervous at this stage). I asked if there was any chance he could pass it on to Elton, and luckily he agreed

You can read the full article in the current edition of Slave Magazine:

Tallia, who also has a Blog on Shout Magazine, will be answering your questions in her latest Shoutmag Blog Post next week – You can Tweet / Facebook or email your questions to!

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