Jason Connery to direct golfing movie ‘Tommy’s Honor’

Tommy's Honor

SIR SEAN CONNERY‘s son will direct golf movie ‘Tommy’s Honor‘, drawing inspiration from his father’s passion for the sport.

Actor/director Jason Connery will take charge of the camera to direct Tommy’s Honour, which tells the story of golf pioneer Tom Morris, who is universally considered the founder of the modern game. Connery says his passion for the movie stems from his famous father’s love of golf:

I am so incredibly passionate and excited to tell this story. It is a story that is truly close to my heart as I grew up with my father on a golf course, and I have a home an hour from (Scottish golf course) St. Andrews. This is an extraordinary and intimate tale of love and family at the beginning of the great game of golf. This story has to be told!

The film which will be shot on location in Scotland tells the story of the father and son from St Andrews who helped develop the game in the late 1800s. The two men won eight Open Championship titles – four each – between 1861 and 1872.

Jason Connery is the son of Sir Sean Connery who stars in the lead role in our animated feature film ‘Sir Billi‘.

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