One man and his…Dog?

One man and his Sheep

Gordon The Goat not alone in Canine Identity Crisis!

It seems Sir Billi‘s Gordon The Goat (Alan Cumming) is not the only animal suffering from an identity crisis. An article in today’s Daily Mail reports on a hand-reared ram that thinks he’s a dog!

The article entitled ‘One man and his Sheep: The hand-reared ram that thinks it’s a dog…and of course his baaa is worse than his bite!‘, goes on to say:

Others in his flock spend their time engaged in the usual pursuits of their species – munching grass and staring vacantly into space. But Dave the sheep was never one to follow the herd, probably because he thinks he’s a dog. As well as enjoying the daily walks with his owners, he chases after their car when they leave home. He is just a great character.

Well Gordy, at least now you know that you are not alone in thinking you’re a dog!

Newspaper article courtesy of The Daily Mail – the full article can be read in today’s printed edition.

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